Who are we?
Who are we?

Who are we?

We are a team of IT Experts in different technology domains and Business Professionals who provide very swift and responsible ICT Services and Solutions in the area of:


What do we provide?
What do we provide?

What do we provide?

Our Primary Business Goal is to provide the below services at an affordable price:

  • SECaaS - Security as a Service offered on a monthly basis.
  • Cloud Integration and Automation (DevOps).
  • Reliable and complete ICT services covering the specific customer’s technology domain.
  • Software House - Software Product Development services.

We are your Boutique IT shop and Service Provider, where you can find the necessary IT and Business skills to manage the entire lifecycle of your IT environment.


Why AV?
Why AV?

Why Advanced Vision IT?

  • We can provide you with an excellent value for a quite competitive price.
  • We want to be your partners and to grow with you.
  • We care for your business as we do for ours.
  • If you are successful, we are successful too.
  • We are proud of our work.
  • We can see the full picture of your ICT needs.


How do we do all of that?
How do we do all of that?

How do we do all of that?

  • We will go deep in understanding your business ideas or/and technical requirements.
  • We will do some brainstorming and present you with some solutions to choose from.
  • We will suggest you the best one and explain the drawbacks and advantages of every option so you can decide.

Benefits of Using Managed Security Service Provider(MSSP)

Cost Efficiency

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), we can eliminate the need for upfront software investments and the costs associated with maintenance, upgrades, and infrastructure. Instead, businesses pay a subscription fee, often per-user or per-server, making it a more cost-effective option. You pay for what you use.


By using our services, you can scale the software usage and professional services hours as their needs grow easily. You can quickly add or remove users and access additional cybersecurity features, providing flexibility and agility. We have a clear process and efficient cybersecurity support plans (SECaaS) that can be changed on a monthly basis based on your business and technology needs.

Cybersecurity hygiene

Our team can handle important components' software updates of the IT environment such as Servers, Workstations, Firewalls, and Cloud. It provides maintenance, security configuration and hardening, vulnerability assessment, and patching, relieving businesses of these responsibilities. This ensures that businesses always use the latest software version with enhanced features and security measures.

Cybersecurity Expertise 

We provide you with up-to-date cybersecurity expertise. That is crucial and will help you quickly detect and reduce vulnerabilities in critical systems. That will lower your cost of internal training, and staffing and will help you increase the skills of your internal team.

Benefits of Using Managed Security Service Provider(MSSP)



In today's digital landscape, the security of your business is paramount. Cyber threats constantly evolve, posing significant risks to your sensitive data, customer information, and financial well-being. That's why partnering with a trusted cybersecurity company like ours is crucial.

At Advanced Vision IT we specialize in providing comprehensive and tailored cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your business from the ever-changing threat landscape. Our team of skilled experts understands the complexities of modern-day cyber-attacks and works tirelessly to mitigate risks, protect your assets, and ensure business continuity.

Here you can see some of our solutions and services: